About Us

One bite confirms that Lush is total indulgence. Our freshly-baked products of wholesome quality and incredible flavors are created to provide a tantalizing taste experience. We have crafted irresistible treats that will tempt those who appreciate the very best. We work with each customer individually to create a sinful dessert that reflects their personal taste and style.

Blame it on my turquoise 1973 Easy-Bake oven! With half of the batter eaten before it passed under the light bulb, I should have known there would be baking in my future! The pleasure of baking began when I was 12 years old standing on the back porch wearing a “Snoopy” apron, making homemade cinnamon rolls, weekly. So, after all the mixing, fermenting, rolling and slicing, the moment is finally here. The moment of supreme anticipation, when you slide the baking sheet into the oven and wait for the house to fill with the scent of warm butter, cinnamon and sugar. I love that moment. I love how the whispered resonance of “something’s baking” builds anticipation that calls everyone to the kitchen, starving for some gooey, buttery cinnamon rolls.

As my mom would be teaching piano, I would be busy in the kitchen, I learned early in life, that in order to get out of cleaning the house on Saturday mornings, was to indeed make something gooey and wonderful! Occasionally I would offer some treats to the piano students as well.

As an adult, I’ve continued this ongoing relationship with butter and sugar. We have quite a history together, the three of us! Creating desserts as well as sharing them is definitely what I enjoy. I’m doing yet one more thing that I love. (Ironically I’m also a Personal Trainer)

If you’re not familiar with Lush Creative Cakes, I hope this site will entice you to experience our incredible desserts for yourself. We also make the following……. Baklava….Brownies & Bars….Cake Pops…. Cheesecakes….Cinnamon Rolls….Confections…. Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies, Cupcakes….Muffins…. and Pies. We now currently sell and have classes on the beautiful art of encapsulated gelatin flowers. (All gelatin, all edible)